Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Right to Return

After over a year of absence from the blogosphere, I have finally found the will and desire to return. What has triggered this new found inkling to reconnect with my fellow bloggers and followers after this time? My newly adopted home: New York City.
It has been a very busy fifteen months since my last post in January of 2010. I surrendered most of my life to the demands of a kitchen for a year, slaving away to try and gain some real experience in the restaurant world; I started a short lived catering business, Mezza, cooking from home in the little free time that I had and collaborating with an artisanal sourdough baker named Rise to bring seasonal, Mediterranean inspired deli food to the South side; and then I moved to New York and enrolled myself in culinary school.
Work visa's are the bane of any expatriate's existence in the city, so I'm putting all my eggs in one basket in the hopes that someone will be able to secure a visa for me once I graduate at the end of the year. In the mean time, I will go back to cooking and blogging regularly. The time has finally arrived to welcome me back. I receive you all with open arms.
(A note about the image above: I saw this on a friend's facebook wall during V-day and thought it was genius. Bloggers of the revolutionary and liberated world, I stand united in your cause).

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